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2019 World Whale Film Festival

We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to premiere the Trashy Selfie Film at the World Whale Film festival on February 8, 2019!! Thank you to the Pacific Whale Foundation for organizing such a great event, hosted by sustainability hero Kimmi Werner. All the films were addressing very important issues and were also documenting the implementation of solutions! We left feeling more educated on our oceans’ health, inspired to change and motivated to do our part. It is beautiful to see the awareness and the care growing 💚🌎 #trashyselfie♻️

We are happy to release the Trashy Selfie Film today as a celebration of Earth Day and we hope you'll enjoy it! Please feel free to share it as we are hoping to continue raising awareness in a positive manner around the issue of plastic pollution and trash in general. We want to thank All Good and Sweet Water Hawaii for their help in producing this short film!

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