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Women & Water

On Monday July, 30th 2018, Hawaii resident and professional ocean athlete Sarah Hauser launched a fundraising campaign benefiting the non-profit Beyond the Surface International. Between September 10th and September 22nd she will be attempting to catch the longest wave of her life on a hydrofoil surfboard along the coast of Lobitos in Peru. 


During her stay in Lobitos she will collaborate with Beyond the Surface International to help solve a serious water sanitation problem while also empowering the young women and next generation. 


With the support of 5 other non profits (Waves International, Changing Tides Foundation, Beyond Boardshorts International, Ocean Conservancy, Raynier Institute & Foundation) they will bring water filters to Lobitos and train local school age girls on how the filters work and then teach and assist them in creating an instructional video on how to use them. Their work will be the first step in a clean water project and a catalyst for an innovative solution. It will also help the community cut down on single-use plastic!


Other activities will take place to inspire, empower, and educate the children such as a movie night, surf lessons, media art workshops, a beach clean up and a #trashyselfiechallenge!


The money raised through Sarah’s challenge will go to Beyond the Surface International. It will help buy and bring more water filters, purchase second-hand cameras for the girls to continue learning and making stop-motion animations, participate in photography workshops, or take surf classes, etc…


Donations can be made at It is possible to give a fixed amount or to donate for each second you think Sarah can stay on 1 wave (with a set limit for the donation). Sarah will use her GoPro to prove her record.


Sarah shares her journey through social media (Instagram: @hauserlifestyle, Facebook: Sarah Hauser) and a short film will be produced to share this Water & Women adventure with the world.

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