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When discussing solutions to fix a problem as complex as waste management or sustainability you might have encountered comments such as:

- "Glass is heavier than plastic therefore it requires more fuel to transport it so go plastic!"

- "The lid of your reusable cup is made out of plastic, you're not plastic free!"

- "Solar panels create toxic waste and end up hurting the environment more!"

- "Only 9% of the plastic is being recycled in the US so why should I recycle ?"


While all of these claims are valuable in order to improve the solutions our societies are coming up with to keep our planet healthy, they should never be used as an excuse to do nothing and wait for a perfect solution. Because before "Perfect" comes "Progress"! Life happens! If you end up eating out and you forgot your utensils or your reusable coffee cup, don't let that ruin your optimism. Mistakes are "ok", especially when you learn from them. 

When stuck in an "imperfect situation", instead of focusing on what we did wrong, we should focus on what we could do better. "I have to get a single use coffee cup, but I could choose not to get a lid" or "I'll choose the single-use bamboo chopsticks instead of a single use plastic fork"... A positive mindset opens up more perspectives!

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