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Plastic Swear Jar Challenge by Changing Tides Foundation

This year, we are celebrating Earth Day by taking the #PlasticSwearJar Challenge with Changing Tides Foundation! Starting this Earth Day, April 22, for 1 week, we will be keeping track of our single-use plastic waste, and putting $1 in a swear jar each time we use single-use plastic, and you should too! Register via the link in @Changingtidesfoundation bio to participate and for a chance win some rad prizes. Make sure you follow & tag @changingtidesfoundation & #PlasticSwearJar so we know you’re participating.



A swear = Each time you purchase or use an item of single-use plastic

1. Designate a container as your #plasticswearjar and decorate it;

2. Keep track of all of your “swears” each day (on your phone, using coffee beans or literally $1 in the jar);

3. For each "swear", place $1 (or whatever feels fair) into the jar.


At the end of the 7 days, you have the option to donate the funds to Changing Tides Foundation through their #plasticswearjar fundraiser page, which will be used to benefit environmental initiatives!










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