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WHAT IS A  #trashyselfie♻️  ?

trashy selfie is a photo of you (or you and your friends) with a piece (or pieces) of trash you have picked up, posted on any 

social media platform (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter...) with the hashtag #trashyselfie♻️ (don't forget the green emoji).


Next time you're about to take a selfie on your walk, or while at the beach, or in the mountains, or in the ocean... Look around for a piece of trash and join the movement by making it a #trashyselfie♻️ !


Thou shall capture the memory of you and
your piece of trash then remove such waste and dispose of it properly in a trash can or recycle bin when applicable.



WHY DOES A  #trashyselfie♻️  MAKE A DIFFERENCE ?

1 #trashyselfie♻️ = 1 action

For every picture posted, a piece of trash has been cleaned up.

It might only be a piece out of a giant amount, but it is still a real improvement.

Everyday, we take 1 million selfies. That is a giant amount too! What if 10% of these selfies were #trashyselfie♻️ ...

1 #trashyselfie♻️ = Thousands of smiles

...and smiles lead to better actions

Through this website and social media, a #trashyselfie♻️ post has the potential to reach out to thousands of people. It carries the message that we, as a community, haven't given up, that we are making efforts everywhere, everyday, and that while we do so, we remain positive and creative.

As we are all becoming more aware of how much trash we throw away, it is easy to feel powerless and defeated. That's why we all need to stay fired up, excited and inspired to continue finding ways to make a difference while having fun!

#trashyselfie♻️ isn't just a hashtag, it's a movement and a community encouraging environmental consciousness and sharing small-everyday-actions that help make the Earth a little cleaner & healthier one selfie at a time!

5 Rs

We wish trash bins were magic black holes able to make trash disappear. Unfortunately it isn't the case, the trash stays on our planet and it is becoming harder to contain it. As the world population grows we're creating more of it and therefore we must look at our lifestyles and find ways to Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot (the 5 "Rs"). Some of those changes can even help save money! It's a win-win: better for the wallet and better for the planet! Check out our Blog to find out what small and easy changes we can all make to have a huge positive impact on the environment!

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